Erection All Risks (EAR)

Erection All Risk Policy:

The basic concept of EAR insurance is to offer a comprehensive and adequate protection against all the site risks involved in the erection of machinery and plant as well as structure of any kind. An EAR policy may be affected by anybody who assumes a risk of the erection of project.

The Erection All Risks Policy provides a very wide coverage and indemnifies the Insured against accidental and unforeseen loss occurring to the property on the Erection Site during the period of insurance. Normally the following risks are covered under the Erection Policy: - 

-Fire including fire fighting operations, lightning, explosion, Aircraft damage. Flood and inundation, Cyclone, Earthquake, Subsidence, landslide/Rock slide, Theft, Burglary, Riot and Strike, Malicious damage ,Negligence, lack of skill, Collision, impact, dropping and similar accident on site.


 Deductable stated in the schedule, consequential loss of any kind damage due to faulty design ,cost of replacement so require for defective machinery, wear & tear, deterioration , oxidation, due to lack of use & normal atmospheric conditions, derangement or disorder of constructions plant loss or damage discover at the time of taking an inventory.