Hotel Owners All Risks (HOAR)


 This policy provide coverage against bodily injury caused by accidental violent external and visible means which injury shall solely and independently of any other cause result in death or disablement as defined in the schedule of Benefits then subject to the terms provisions exceptions and conditions contained herein or endorsed hereon the company will pay to the insured or in the event of his/her death to the insured’s legal personal representatives/beneficiary compensation as provided in the schedule of Benefits.


 This section shall reimburse the insured person in respect of expenses necessarily incurred for medical, surgical, diagnostic or remedial treatment as a result of the insured person sustaining accidental bodily injury in the course of the covered trip, up to the amount of the sum insured for section A stated in the Table of Benefits. 

EXPENSES in this section shall also mean:

1.reasonable travel, accommodation and repatriation expenses necessarily incurred in respect of the insured person by any relative, friend, business associate or colleague of the insured person who on medical advice is required to travel to, remain with or escort the insured person;

in the case of death of the insured person, either expenses necessary incurred up to a limit of USD 1,500 to transport the body to the insured person’s home, or funeral expenses necessarily incurred abroad up to USD 1,500 in all;

Emergency Medical Assistance Service

 In the event of a serious medical emergency occurring as a result of a accident during the covered trip outside Bangladesh involving the insured person which may entail repatriation to Bangladesh or treatment abroad as a hospital in patient, a 24 hour emergency assistance service is available from SAS for the abroad in this matter kind attention to the table of Benefits for contact numbers.

 This service can include

  1. Guarantees for payment of hospital or doctors fees when appropriate;
  2. Multilingual assistance;
  3. Repatriation to Bangladesh by air ambulance or scheduled air service and necessary escort by a medical attendant;
  4. On arrival in Bangladesh an ambulance service to hospital or home.

 SAS will be solely responsible for all decisions on the most suitable practical and reasonable solution to any problem. The insured person should not attempt to find his own solution and then expect the underwriters to reimburse him, without obtaining prior authorization from SAS.


 The Underwriters shall not be liable for expenses:

01. Arising from any illness, pre-existing defect, infirmity or condition for which the insured person is receiving regular medical treatment, advice or consultation at the time of effecting this insurance or at the commencement of the covered trip;

02. Incurred in Bangladesh or expenses which are a continuation of treatment already received outside Bangladesh whilst on the covered trip;

03. Arising from childbirth, pregnancy or any medical complications resulting therefrom incurred within 2 months of the estimated date of delivery;

04. Incurred more than 12 calendar months after completion of the covered trip;

05. Arising from the treatment of alcoholism, alcohol abuse, drug abuse or from taking drugs not prescribed by a registered qualified medical practitioner. Expenses arising from taking drugs prescribed for the treatment of drug abuse or drug dependency are also excluded.


 This Section shall pay 100% of the sum insured for section B stated in the Table of Benefits if in the course of the covered trip, the insured person sustains bodily injury by accidental, visible and violent means which solely and independently of any other cause within 12 calendar months of the date of the accident results in the inured person suffering:

  1. Death
  2. Total and irrecoverable loss of sight of both eyes
  3. Total and irrecoverable loss of sight of one eye
  4. Loss of two limbs
  5. Loss of one limb
  6. Permanent total Disablement (other than total loss of sight of one or both eyes or loss of limb).